This was taken after the nor easter- it was so windy. This bird just stood there as the waves pounded the beach. Too windy to even fly.
piling wave

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  • Kathleen Kohler says:

    Beautiful, Michael every picture you share with us is amazing. Your words begin to explain what I feel in my heart about the serenity and how totally at peace I am in Stone Harbor. My first visit there was 37 years ago as a young mother with 3 precious sons and extended family. I fell totally in love with the town. Several times each year I am fortunate enough to return to the place where I left my heart. The amazing thing for me is my grown sons with their families always return with me to relive all the years spent there and to continue to make memories to last my lifetime. Your photographs are amazing and are constant reminders of the beauty, the serenity and the total peacefulness I feel each time I turn off the parkway and cross over the bridge to this tiny town by the sea and the magic it brings. So, again Michael, Thank you for sharing your talent.

    • michael says:

      Wow! Thank you Kathleen Kohler for that heart felt comment. It is truly my pleasure to bring to you the shore through my photos. If there is a memory I can bring back and put a smile on your face then it makes my efforts well worth it. Thanks again for your kind words.

      Michael Zuccato jr.

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